If you are interested in serving on any committees, please email

Program Planning committee

The purpose of this committee is to plan educational and fun events for our members.

We meet via Zoom as need to plan events (at most monthly). 

Nominating committee

The purpose of this 3 person committee is to fulfill the Bylaws sections on nomination and election of Regional Coordinator.  The committee seeks nominations 90 days before an election year and announces the slate of candidates 60 before.  Joyce Loney is the 2022 chair.

Outreach/publicity Committee

The purpose of this committee is to promote JASNA MD, increase membership and diversity, encourage student participation, and promote a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

merchandise committee

The purpose of this committee is to create and gather Austen-related merchandise to promote JASNA MD and to help fund our Region’s activities and outreach. These items will be sold at meetings and events as well as online.

At this time, the Program Planning Committee is also the Merchandise Committee.